Thursday, September 20, 2012

PadCAD Version 1.6.2 is out

Just wanted to let you know that a new version of PadCAD (Version 1.6.2) is now available through the app store. If you have an iPad 3, this update is particularly important to you. This version fixes a photo cropping bug that iPad 3 users were experiencing and it fixes an export bug with the DXF file format. The DXF bug affected all iPad users, not just iPad 3 users. All exported DXF files should now be usable with the latest Autocad application. If you run into problems please let us know.
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  1. The old icon was simple and nice, new one is not! Blue and orange colour in icon and also in app interface are to strong together....

  2. Hi there,

    Sorry I couldn't find the new icon and decided to use this box.

    How can I get more blocks for my electrical drawings. I'm talking about light and lamps types. Is it possible to download them?
    I've also had issues with the orange box (canvass) . Is it possible to move it in order to adjust it to your drawing? Sometimes I run out of space and looks like it is impossible to change its position.

    Please email me to

    Very useful app by the way