Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Desktop versions of PadCAD now available

Both the PC and the Mac versions of PadCAD are now ready for download.  As with the tablet versions, they are free to use and evaluate but if you wish to save or export your drawings, you must upgrade the app.  A fee of $17.99 will apply for an upgrade.


  1. I purchased the upgrade and installed it. However I didn't not receive a receipt. I traed to install the desktop version but I can't send you the receipt.

    ID rwilliams

  2. hi there,
    i downloaded Padcad to my android galaxy note and really like it.
    I would like to install it on my macbook pro but it wont let me. can you help...
    best regards
    Warren Bell 11/14/2013

    1. You can download the Mac version by going to this page:

      Meher G.

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  4. Hi! What is the email adress or the place where I have to send you the receipt and information required for being able to upgrade my PC version (I already purchased the Ipad version) of PadCad???

  5. Before I purchase the upgrade I want to know if it offers more options for door/window styles (french, pocket, etc) and templates for fireplaces/woodstoves, corner shower stalls that sort of thing.

  6. I purchased the upgrade and have emailed 3 times to ask for my desktop version to be unlocked. I sent the proof of purchase receipt from iTunes and my user id but I haven't had any response from Plugworks! Has anyone else managed to get their desktop version or even a response from Plugworks?

  7. Hi, I purchased the PC version, can you unlock my Galaxy version?

  8. This is the best simple floor plan app on the market...i have used them all. This one is simple too use in the field on my ipad and now on my desktop PC..thanks!!!